Oleh: Hendra | 13 Maret 2010

A Porcupine

There was a porcupine named landi. He was lonely. No one wanted to play with him because they were afraid of his spikes.

“dear landi. We don’t want to play with you because your spikes are too sharp. We don’t want you to hurt us”, said Cici the rabbit one day.

“Cici is right, Landi. It is not because you are or rude to us. No, Landi! Just because of your spikes. They will stab us when we come close to you”, said the rooster.

Landi felt lonely. He murmured, “why don’t they want to play with me?”

Landi spent most of the time day dreaming at the river bank. “I would have lots of friends and play with them if no spikes were on my body. I would be happy. I would not be lonely like this. What a shame!”

Suddenly, Kuku the turtle appeared from the river. He came to Landi and said, “Landi, what are you thinking of?”

“oh, nothing”, Landi replied.

“don’t lie to me, Landi. Please tell me your problem. Maybe I can help you”, kuku said wisely. Then, he sat beside Landi. He wasn’t afraid of Landi is spikes.

Shortly, Landi told kuku his problem. Kuku nodded his head. He said, “poor you. But it is not your fault. I know, your spikes are very useful and helpful to you. Your friends will realize it some day. Trust me, Landi”.

Thanks, kuku. You are really my best friend. You are the only one here who wants to be my friend”.

One day, sam the frog held his birthday party. He invited all his friend, including Landi. But he decided not to come. He didn’t want to mess up the party.

“I will come with you, Landi. I will tell everyone that you are harmless”, said kuku. Finally, Landi attended the party. Everyone enjoyed it.

Suddenly, Tito ran here and there screaming, “help….help…!!! the evil wolf is coming. Save yourselves!” then, everyone ran to save their lives, except Kuku and Landi. Kuku pulled his head and legs into his shell. Landi rolled his body into a ball.

Unintentionally, the evil wolf stepped his foot on Landi. Of course, the spikes pricked him. He screamed, “ouch!!” since his foot was bleeding, he didn’t chase Landi is friends any longer. Then, he ran away.

“horrey…horreyyy….!!! Long live Landi!! He saved our lives”, said Cici and her friends. Everyone shook Landi is hand and thanked him. From then on, Landi wasn’t lonely anymore. His friends knew that his spikes would not hurt anymore, unless they wanted to hurt Landi.

one wanted to play


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